Spring Sale

Spring Sale

We've been here in Xishuangbanna since early March for spring tea, visiting mountains and tea forests, and getting new teas pressed. It's been particularly dry this season so far, and the main part of early spring tea has essentially come to a close, with the water splashing festival (Pōshuǐjié, 泼水节) beginning tomorrow. To give a short account of the season, the dry weather has been great for a lot of forest teas, that often have access to water and are more shaded; many teas we've tried have been the best they've been in years, in our opinion. For other teas, especially for example open field plantation tea, the lack of moisture and hot weather means many teas are scorched, dried out, or even not budding at all or with very low weights. Even for many forest teas, the production amounts have been significantly reduced, leading to high demand for a very squeezed supply. We've been extremely lucky to be here this year and snap up some excellent teas as they were made, as well as having some stockpiles of material from years past. The majority of our productions are already pressed and wrapped, with a few more teas up in the air depending how the late spring season unfolds.

Otherwise, if it somehow wasn't bleedingly obvious, this is a time of year where we ruin our bank account and make as much good tea as we can—so it's time for a little sale. We like to keep it simple; we've got free shipping worldwide for any orders above $90 AUD (~$60 USD / ~€55 EUR), and we'll throw in extra minis, tea samples, stickers, and assorted goodies proportional to the value of your order, no matter the amount. I.e, the higher value the order, the more we'll throw in on top. It will be good to make a little room for the new teas in our climate-controlled storage, which is nearly at capacity until we finish building the new one. 

Use the code DESIRECORP at checkout.

Sale ends Monday April 17, at 11:59PM AEST. Please also allow a little extra time for us to fulfil your order—the slew of orders wil be heroically faced down by one staff member holding down the warehouse while I'm here in Yunnan. Once your order is on the way, you'll automatically receive a tracking number to your email.

As a heads up, there's a few teas that are getting particularly close to being out of stock, as follows:

That's all for now.

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