2023 Price Adjustments

2023 Price Adjustments

In line with the market and to account for ageing and storage, the majority of our teas from 2021 and earlier will increase in price on Tuesday March 14th at 11:59PM AEDT. 
The full breakdown of which teas will increase by how much is detailed below. Stock up now on anything you'd like before the prices increase.

Tea Name Current Price New Price
2021 Prescription Only $90 $100
2021 Prismo $180 $195
2020 Dissolver $180 $200
[REDACTED] $1550 $1705
2020 Lovebeamcake $45 $50
2020 Polycrystal $65 $70
2014 I Can't Believe It's Not Honey $85 $90
2021 Metamaterial $60 $65

For those of you located in North America, our pals at Softer Drink have detailed their price increases here. They also still have some stock of teas we have sold out of, so take a look.

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