Music To Drink Tea To - 005 - Nick Saw

The next mix in our series comes from Naarm local Nick Saw, who runs the esteemed show Brekstacy on Skylab Radio. Just over 5 (!!!) hours of pure soulful bliss. A mix for the times we're living in. Enjoy.

From Nick's own mouth:
"Right now, the world is very fractured. Never has our sunburnt island felt more 'down under' and distant from both other cultures and its own. Forecasting the future has never been easy, but it is an express route to get bogged down right now. I thought about the thousands of years that tea has been a currency, a cultural credential and catalyst for conversation. This selection of songs is a nod to that history and my ideal soundtrack for a day of working, thinking or thinking about working. Make sure to have a few cups of your favourite brew and take-it-ez. xx"

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