Music To Drink Tea To - 003 - Sokal Affair

Music To Drink Tea To - 003 - Sokal Affair

A mix very close to our corporate heart, from long time person-of-interest and frequent collaborator Sokal Affair.

From the horses own mouth:

"Utopia comes from Modern Latin, Utopia meaning "nowhere". Utopic mix as summoning nowhere. Breaks with no rest. Breaks with no beats. Breaking down. Based. This is how the cookie crumbles. Moving at terminal velocity. Zero speed no drag. Global lockdown is worldwide edging, the chastity belt saying “stay hard and stay home”. Deep house. Ground zero. Music to crash your car to. We totalled our car at the end of someone’s cul de sac. Hello. Hi. We’re all here. We have just entered the mandala. Welcome.”

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