2024 Tea Price Adjustments

2024 Tea Price Adjustments

It is that time of year once again. We have just arrived in China for the spring tea season, and the frenzy is about to begin in earnest.

In line with the puer tea market, as well as aging and storage costs, teas from 2022 and earlier will be increasing in price on Wednesday, April 3rd at 11:59PM AEDT.

The table below details which teas will increase and by how much. Note prices are in AUD.


 Tea Name Current Price (AUD) New Price (AUD)
2014 I Can't Believe It's Not Honey $90 $95
2020 Polycrystal $70 $75
2021 Prismo $195 $215
2022 Recombinator $50 $55
2022 Ghost 2.0 $50 $55
2022 Chicxulub $30 $33.5
2022 Tetralemma $110 $125
2022 Glossolalia $170 $190
2022 Exotic Other $320 $350
2022 Entheone $455 $500
[REDACTED] $1705 $1875

You can stock up on any teas you'd like to at the current pricing until then. Please also note there may be slightly lengthier processing times for shipping while we are in Yunnan, and it might also take us a little longer to get back to any messages (sometimes there's poor reception in the tea mountains.)

Once again, thanks for your continued support. Make sure to follow along on our social media to see plenty of behind the scenes content of tea growing, processing, and cake pressing (and also noodles).



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