Annual 0% Off Archive Sale

Annual 0% Off Archive Sale

Archive Sale — Free Shipping, Free Mystery Tea

Free domestic shipping on your order over $25 AUD with code:


Free global shipping on your order over $75 AUD (US$50/€45/£40) with code:

It's time for our annual 0% off sale. That's right; buy one item, get another for the same price. Premium, full-fat savings.

Now, for the real deals.

This year, after many requests, we've decided to release a small amount of some teas from our archive. There's a selection of cakes from years past, available in limited quantities.

Browse the archive collection here.

Sale runs until Tuesday, November 28th, 11:59PM AEDT.

Free teas from our private hoard

Over the last decade, we've also amassed quite the hoard of teas of all types. Oolongs, black teas, heicha, raw puer, maocha, ripe puer, white teas.

There's simply no way we can drink all of it ourselves, and there's plenty of good tea begging to be drunk sitting there in the private stash.

So, to put it to good use, order over $100 AUD (US$65/€60/£53) and receive a free mystery sample from our vault.

Order $200 AUD or more, and you'll get two samples; and so on for every extra $100 AUD.

It's all tea we considered good enough to sit on. Some of it is quite old, incidentally.

The samples will be automatically be added to your cart as you qualify. If you've got multiple samples for your order, we'll make sure there's an interesting variety.

Some of the teas will be entirely one-off; you'll be the only person to drink it.

Finally: KUURA Hoodies

Just in time for warm summer weather, we have the much awaited KUURA Hoodie available to pre-order.

We don't like to fuck around when it comes to merch, and we spent a bit too long making sure these were just right.


Purchase here.

Luxurious, black box-fit unisex hoodies, with a white silk-screen print on the back feat. a three way art collaboration between ERODUCTIONS, Sprinks, and Jon Marshall, as well as black embroidered KUURACORP logo on the front left chest.

Manufactured start to finish entirely in Melbourne. Sturdy construction, in a poly/cotton blend 310GSM fabric that is warm but not hot, and doesn't pill easily.

In order to ensure there's no waste, these are for pre-order right now, and will be manufactured locally after this weekend so we order the correct run of sizing. They will ship as soon as they are ready separately from the rest of your order. If however you're happy to wait and ship your order once they are ready, let us know.



  • Free domestic shipping on orders above $25 AUD with code ZERO23
  • Free global shipping on orders above $75 AUD (US$50/€45/£40) with code ZERO2023
  • Orders over $100 AUD receive a free mystery tea from our private stash. Receive 2 samples for $200 AUD, and so on for every $100 AUD extra.
  • Limited amount of past-release teas from our archive are available to buy.

That's it for now.

Take care until next time,


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