Blak Lives Matter - Resources

Blak Lives Matter - Resources

Firstly, some resources for where you can donate money, if able.


Australia - Pay The Rent

USA - Bail Funds

Secondly, an existing document complied by others, with lots of resources.


BLM Allies Guide - Master Doc

Lastly, below is a list of some resources I personally have found valuable and educational over the years, about the issues we face such as systemic racism. Many others have linked extensive lists such as above, but I thought it best to not just copy/paste and instead provide a more personal list as well. These will inhabit a permanent home on the website, and I hope to update as time goes on with other valuable resources as I engage with them.


1. Black Rose Anarchist Reader

A freely accessible collection of black viewpoints and thoughts about anarchism, race, class, capitalism, and how they are all intertwined. A fundamental truth of anarchism is that we cannot presume what others think or want, and so we must let them decide for themselves, and support their own vision. To do otherwise is to impose a hierarchy, which is what we're trying to dismantle.

2. Conquest of Bread - Petr Kropotkin 

A foundational anarchist text. If you have your toes dipped in even a little bit of the anarchist pond, you've probably already read it, or at least heard of it. It's important to get a sense of what we are ultimately striving, which is the liberation and rehabilitation of all, and what that looks like.

3. The End of Policing - Free as an ebook on Verso books

If you're wondering 'Hhow would society function without police?', this text should illuminate the what, how and why, as well as how policing in its current form came about.

4. Dark Emu - Bruce Pascoe

 For my fellow Australians in particular; this text completely reframes the history of the stolen land we now inhabit.

5. Capitalism in the Web of Life - by James W Moore

 We face a multitude of issues, and it can feel overwhelming; racism, sexism, discrimination, class divide, ecological crisis. This text is explains how all these crises are linked, and provides a model as well as some important warnings for how to conduct change.

6. Contrapoints 

Well produced and thought-out critical video essays (also available transcribed) about a multitude of issues. The essay on cancelling is particularly useful for understanding one of the recurring issue the left faces; disunity, such as self-cannibalising through the 'narcissism of small differences'.


Blak lives matter.

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