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Omakase Pack

Taste the rainbow.

Get your tea collection off to a solid foundation, or grab one cake from each category to sample the way it was always intended ('a cake is a sample!').

This pack contains:

1 x 'Parataxis' raw pu-erh tea

1 x 'Recombinator' black tea

1 x 'Ghost 2.0' white tea

1 x KUURA-Cola ripe pu-erh tea

1 x Tea Knife

1 x KUURACORP logo sticker, propaganda card, and brewing info sheet.

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Use boiling water (100C). 

We recommend approx 1g of tea per 15ml of water for Gongfu-style brewing in a teapot or gaiwan. Rinse the leaves once and then brew several times until there is no flavour left.

For Western-style brewing in a larger teapot, use approx. 5g per 100ml of water. You can re-brew the leaves a few times.

To brew direct in a mug, use 1-2g of tea in the bottom of the cup, fill with boiling water, and drink once cool. Re-fill the cup with more water when you've drunk 1/3rd of the tea. Repeat until there is no more flavour left.

All of our teas are suitable for long-term storage and aging.

Keep your tea away from sunlight and strong smells, and somewhere with stable climate conditions.

You can keep it sealed inside the re-usable bag the tea comes in, or another non-porous container.