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2017 'GHOST' White Tea

GHOST is a white tea from Xishuangbanna, China.

This tea was made by simply drying the leaves in the mountain sun. Compared to many white teas, the tea has a thick, strong flavour of flowers and honey, with a bit less fragrance than typical Fujian whites. All-round soft and delightful. Best enjoyed whilst soaking up some sunshine.

We strongly recommended brewing or steeping this tea a variety of ways. Try brewing it gongfu style, boiling it, or even brewing in a mug or thermos. Steeped gongfu style, this tea can easily yield at least 15 infusions, with more sweetness coming out with longer steeps.  

This tea is suitable for ageing, and will develop further in flavour and complexity over the years. 

The tea was pressed in November 2017, using material from spring 2017.

Each cake is 200g, with 5 cakes per tong.