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2020 'POLYCRYSTAL' White Tea

  • Distilled sun and moon light.

    Imagine: millions of tiny cellulose fibres, strung together by circumstance into the appearance of furry white spears. Charged on pure high-octane nuclear sky radiation, plump on nutrients sucked from old soil and worms and dead things, before catching the all-seeing eye of our Corporate hunger to be stolen (deftly) and siloed away into this distilled, weaponised format.

    We present to you a thousand refractions of shade and sunlight; 'Polycrystal', a 'yueguangbai' or 'Moonlight White' tea from Yunnan. A high proportion of buds gives a pointy-ended fragrance and mouthfeel, as well as a little bit of extra stimulant potency (the youngest leaves of the tea plant contain the most caffeine). Dried in the dark over a couple of days, leading to a subtle amount of oxidisation, as seen in the characteristic black leaves, and accompanying amber coloured liquor full of sweetness and punchy fragrance.

    A high-end white tea that showcases the best qualities of Yunnan's unique environment. 

    Please note that there is a small error on the back of the label; where the Chinese regulatory information is listed, the name was printed incorrectly as 'Dark Red' rather than 'Polycrystal'.

    Artwork by Sage Jenson. Pictures by Pingle Pictures.