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2020 'KUURAMINE' Raw Puer KUURABall

  • Fast-acting existential relief.

    Keep that creeping cosmic horror (and associated fatigue) at bay, no matter the circumstance; with our latest raw puer in a convenient KUURABall format, you're always ready to self-soothe. Each ball contains 7g of high-potency Yunnan raw puer, rapidly deployable for uncompromising flavour and revitalisation.

    A carefully formulated blend of material designed with reliable flavour in mind; ample sweetness, fragrance, throat-coating smoothness, and plenty of lingering aftertaste. KUURAMINE® is made entirely with all-natural ingredients; not a single added flavour, colour, binder, filler, or preservative in sight. Clean growing environments and mature tea trees; make the switch to KUURAMINE® today.

    Artwork by Sprinks. Pictures by Pingle Pictures.