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2020 '฿∅ᄱლᐃᗴᚨƀɑᗲʗ.exe' Raw Puer

A blend, from us, to you. A tea made for the year we've had, and the years we surely are to have ahead.

Priced aggressively. If you've enjoyed our Psychotropical raw puer, you'll enjoy this too; it's a little bit punchier. Plenty of fragrance, sweetness, and mouthfeel for a tea at this price point. After a bit of time to age, we'd describe this tea as 'fruity'. Not overly bitter or aggressive, and not hollow or lacking.

Fuck your factory cakes; the material comes from tea gardens with biodiversity, no industrial agriculture, and lots of character.

What more can we say? We are very grateful for everyone who's come on this journey with us; we hope this tea scratches your itch.