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The 2020 production of our venerable sun-dried Yunnan white tea.

Picked and dried directly in the mountain sun, this white tea (baicha) has a lot of love to give; thick flavour, loads of floral perfume-y fragrance, and it brews forever; 10, 15, 20 steeps no problem. And then you could simmer it for more.

This material comes from a fantastically biodiverse piece of land; not industrial plantations. In previous years we've confirmed via laboratory testing that this tea has absolutely zero agrochemical intervention.

For those wanting to equate with white teas from Fujian; this tea is picked like a puer; the first 4 or up to 5 viable leaves are picked, rather than just one bud and a leaf or two. So, it may not be as 'pretty' as a baimudan, but you'll forget all about appearance once the thick flavour shows up in your mouth.

If you can avoid tearing through the cake, age will be very kind to a tea like this; it has some good legs to stand on over the years, and should end up a very sweet, fruity tasting tea as it turns darker.

Best enjoyed in the sun, in a robe, with your friends. 

Spring 2020 material, pressed into 200g cakes, with 5 per bamboo tong.