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After much demand, our much loved raw puer 'PRESCRIPTION ONLY' is back. 

Same deal; spring 2018 material, aged loose for a year in Yunnan before pressing.
This sheng is very bitter and strong, and not the best idea for those just starting out with puer. Unless they like Akira, in which case buy it for the wrapper. 

Heavy and enduring, the bitterness lasts many steeps before eventually giving way to a mouth watering sweetness, as a reward for your perseverance. Thick and mouth-coating flavour, and with plenty of texture that unfolds throughout a long session.

This material is a fantastic candidate for longer term ageing, with a well regarded track record as a classic Menghai area tea. The intense bitterness over time will fade and smooth out into a more woody, incense-like character.

Again, due to limited production, there are unfortunately no samples.

Spring 2018 material, 200g cakes, 5 cakes per bamboo wrapped tong. Loose compression.