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2019 'EXOTIC OTHER' Raw Puer

'Exotic Other' is a raw puer from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, China.

This particular sheng puer comes from one of our personal all-time favourite production areas. It's a place with very small output, and is not well-known by name in the West, though quite famous within the more hardcore tea circles in China.

Compared the the Dethflow, which is soft and sweet, this tea is much more aggressively sweet. Heavier bitterness and punch, but balanced nicely, and with a nice hit of sugary, snappy, sweetness both in the initial taste from the first steep, as well as in the aftertaste and increasing throughout the session. The flavour is complex and rewarding.

We find this tea quite strongly energising. 

Spring 2019 material, 200g cakes, 5 cakes per bamboo wrapped tong. Loose compression.