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It's been a long day, siphoning secret data from a Megacorp, followed by a run-in with a street gang. Chopping heads, avoiding the pigs; and you got android blood on your new jacket. Damn.

What you need, is to unwind. Relax. 

Take a sip of this high-end blend of ripe puer, made from small, private-batch, material. This tea represents the best ripe tea material we've hoarded over the past couple of years, meticulously combined to make something greater than the sum of its parts. 

This puer tea has an uncommonly strong and sweet fragrance, with a heavy, luxurious body and distinct warming sweetness. Kick off your boots, rest those tired eyes, and slip into this silky, smooth, shu puer.

The artwork is a special commission from artist Max Prentis.

Each cake is 200g, with 5 cakes per tong. Pressed December 2018 using various material piled in 2016 and 2017.