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2015 Nagajuna Tuocha

We are pleased to offer this raw puer tuocha from a small family-run Taiwanese puer producer, Nagajuna. After meeting fortuitously and having several long tea sessions together, the alignment of our philosophy and approach to tea became clear, along with the opportunity to get some of their rare teas into the hands of Western drinkers. Nagajuna focuses on Mengku area teas, and spends time each season overseeing material production and processing in their own facilities. 

This tea is made from high-end Mengku material, picked and pressed in Spring 2015. Storage in excellent conditions in Taiwan for several years means this tea is tasting thick and fruity, with a fantastic mouthfeel and huigan. We think this paints an excellent picture of teas from this area, at a level not often available to Western audiences.

We won't yap too much; try the tea and decide for yourself.

Each tuo is 250g. Please email us directly if interested in tong amounts.