FLOATING POINT - black tea

$49.00 AUD

It comes up in waves...slides all over me.

FLOATING POINT is a 'Dian hong' or Yunnan style black tea, from an little known area in southern Xishuangbanna. The tea is incredibly minimally processed, including sun drying which lends itself to a noticeably thick mouthfeel and solid sweetness. Ripe, luscious stonefruits come to mind. This tea can take a beating, and takes a really long steep to become bitter or tannic. Smooth daily drinking black tea.

In line with our general philosophy, this tea was selected from an excellent growing environment, with minimal agricultural intervention, and a high level of biodiversity. 
The tea has been tested for EU 440 MRL and passed.


This tea was pressed in November 2017. Each cake is 200g.

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