Music To Drink Tea To - 007 - Citrus+


A mysterious mix from a mysterious person/tea-drinker/KUURACORP-enjoyer, presented for your consumption. Notes from the source below:

"The border between inside and outside, I and Thou, is the first and final and most mysterious gate of Erishkigal's house."

"Enki's mourners moan with Erishkigal. When she says "Woe! Oh my inside!" they echo her with "Woe! You who sigh our queen. Oh, your inside!" When she says "Woe! Oh my outside!" they echo her with "Woe! You who sigh our queen. Oh your outside!" Their echoing makes a litany, transforms the pain into poetry and prayer. It makes out of life's dark misery a song of the goddess. It establishes art as a reverent and creative and sympathetic response to the passions and pains of life."

-pg. 70/71 ; Descent to the Goddess by Syvia Brinton Perera

a pop-sonic melange made with love and gentle mourning in 2020


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