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Industrial Tea Knife

The only tea knife you'll ever need. Seriously. This is hands down the best tea knife around.

Gone are the days of struggling to bust open those iron cakes or heavily compressed teas. No more bent and broken picks. This knife tear through anything you throw at it with ease, including your arch enemies.

Weighing in at a whopping 160g of pure stainless steel, the handle is dipped in a durable black coating. The design of the blade means that you simply push the tip in and it will splay the leaves apart for you with minimal effort. 

This tea knife is available for purchase in our Melbourne store and online

If you somehow break this in normal usage, we will replace it for you.*

Dimensions: 17 cm long, 1 cm width, 1 cm height.

*obligatory disclaimer. If you purposefully break it by going at it with an angle grinder or some such, we won't replace it...