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2020 'KUURA-COLA' Ripe Puer

  • Our finest KUURA-COLA yet.

    Clean and precise fermentation. Expertly engineered for maximum flavour. Pressed for unparalleled value.

    So, how does it taste? In a recent independent consumer study*, test subjects reported such things as 'It tastes like sweet vanilla!', 'Such a rich and smooth mouthfeel, wow!', and 'It makes me feel slightly less depressed about not having a real job and being forced to do these stupid consumer studies to pay my overpriced rent.'.

    Whether you're just dipping your tongue-tip into the chocolate-coloured, earthy waters of ripe puer, or already paying extra to your dentist to whiten your teeth after abusing it, KUURACORP® brand KUURA-COLA deserves an esteemed place in your collection.

    Also available here in a single-serve KUURACoin™ format, for sampling and convenience purposes.

    *Disclaimer: Study conducted by TasteFuturesResearch™, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KUURACORP®.

    Artwork by Sprinks. Pictures by Pingle Pictures.