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'From Here We Go Sublime' is a sun-dried white tea from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, China.

In recent years, white tea has once again become popular in China, meaning more Yunnan tea farmers are willing to process their high-end material as white tea rather than only raw puer. 

We think this cake makes abundantly clear the value of Yunnan's unique tea resources, with a thick, soft, silky smooth mouthfeel, and lots of complexity in both the fragrance and flavour. 

Freshly made as it stands now, the tea has a heavily floral profile, with some more bright and borderline grassy tones. As it ages, flowers will turn to honey, greenness will turn red, and the tea will get thicker, sweeter, and richer.

Spring 2019 material, 200g cakes, 5 cakes per bamboo wrapped tong. Loose compression.