VECTOR - raw puer

$45.00 AUD

Us humble drinkers are unwitting vectors for the virus of tea — following it's every whim, reproducing it, spreading it across the globe at ever increasing scales. 

VECTOR is a raw (sheng) puer cake made from a blend of material from various regions of Xishuangbanna. We made this cake after our own tastes for high quality daily drinking raw puer; as much sweetness as we could cram in there, with a rich base to add complexity and strength. Over time the sweetness will only increase, leading to some dark ripe fruit flavours and a hefty body. Perfect both as a hold-no-punches intro to high quality raw puer, and a solid candidate for daily drinking, hoarding, and ageing, with plenty to offer for newcomers and jaded junkies alike.

As is our general approach, the teas used all come from carefully selected growing environments, with strong biodiversity and minimal-intervention agricultural practices. This tea has been tested for EU 440 MRL and passed.

The tea was pressed in November 2017. Each cake is 200g.

Go forth and spread the tea virus further.

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