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2021 'DETHFLOW' Raw Puer

  • Guess who's back.

    Possibly our most asked about tea to date, and once again our flagship raw puer for 2021. 

    Expensive. Hard to get access to. But this is the kind of tea that makes it all worth it.

    Silky smooth, soft, sweet, and soothing—but definitely not weak. The underlying strength is more of a bass note rather than being in your face, and that's precisely the point with teas like this. The phrase 'Iron fist in a silk glove' comes to mind. A very satisfying and quenching drink. 

    The texture of this tea is what sets it apart the most—try steeping on the lighter side to really emphasise the freshly-shaved skin on silk sheets feeling.  

    Artwork by Max Prentis with additions from Sprinks. Pictures by Pingle Pictures.