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KINTO Travel Tumbler - Tea Bottle

Stainless Steel

We've spent a long time testing out different options for drinking tea on the go. A fair chunk of our time is spent on planes, in airports, and long car rides up to tea mountains. So far, this has been the best travel thermos we've used for a few reasons:

  • The lid design works well as an integrated strainer, meaning you can throw leaves in the thermos, pour in hot water, and then either drink directly from it or pour into another cup.
    • If you plan to drink directly from it, we suggest you use cooler water to top it up, so it doesn't scald your mouth when drinking. We find 70°C is a good balance between being hot enough to extract flavour, and cooling down comfortably after a couple of hours of brewing.
    • If you're going to pour into a separate cup before drinking, boiling works fine. You can get away with using less leaf since it will brew stronger. It can also function as a teapot at your desk; fill with a decent amount of leaves (5-6g), and do quick successive infusions, pouring out into a cup. 
  • The lid doesn't require excessive turning to come off; it comes off after about 90 degrees of rotation, meaning it is quick to take off and put back on.
  • Good balance between sturdiness and weight, and the powdercoated finish doesn't scratch off as easily as other thermoses we've tested.
  • Wide mouth meaning you can fit large leaves, and also big ice cubes
  • Dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a breeze. No moving or easily breakable parts in the lid design. 

The other way we like to use this is to brew the tea beforehand, let it cool to a good temperature, and then fill it up for easy drinking directly from the spout on the go.

It also works well in place of a kettle if you are going to brew a few steeps in a teapot or gaiwan out and about. When filled with boiling water, it stays very hot for at least 6 hours. Make sure you preheat it with a little hot water before filling to get extra longevity.


Technical details

Materials: Food-grade stainless steel, polypropolene, and silicone.

Weight: 235g for the 350ml, 310g for the 500ml

Dimensions: 7cm diameter x 17cm height for 350ml.

7.4cm diameter x 19.7cm height for 500ml.

Features: dishwasher safe, vacuum insulated, wide mouth, 360° pouring lid. 6 hours of heat retention above 69°C, 6 hours for cool drinks below 7°C.

Designed in Japan by KINTO. Manufactured in China.