• 2024 Thailand Forest White Tea
  • 2024 Thailand Forest White Tea
  • 2024 Thailand Forest White Tea
  • 2024 Thailand Forest White Tea
  • 2024 Thailand Forest White Tea
  • 2024 Thailand Forest White Tea

2024 Thailand Forest White Tea

This tea comes from old growth tea forests near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, the same kind of native tea trees that are loosely referred to as ‘Da Ye Zhong’ just a few hundred kilometres away in Xishuangbanna, which in the modern era is separated merely by a few lines on a map. 

This particular tea was produced by a Taiwanese tea maker who moved to Thailand in the early 2000s. Picked, withered, and then dried in the sun, this tea is full of deep sticky fragrance, with a thick mouthfeel and strong lingering sweetness. The endurance of the material means you can re-infuse the leaves many many times, and the tea has an unexpected strong energy kick.

This white tea could easily be sold across the border in Yunnan as a 'gushu baicha', as often also happens with Puer-style teas made from trees in Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam.

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Origin: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year produced: 2024
Tea style: White tea
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  • Use boiling water (100C). 

    We recommend approx 1g of tea per 15ml of water for Gongfu-style brewing in a teapot or gaiwan. Rinse the leaves once and then brew several times until there is no flavour left.

    For Western-style brewing in a larger teapot, use approx. 5g per 100ml of water. You can re-brew the leaves a few times.

    To brew direct in a mug, use 1-2g of tea in the bottom of the cup, fill with boiling water, and drink once cool. Re-fill the cup with more water when you've drunk 1/3rd of the tea. Repeat until there is no more flavour left.

  • All of our teas are suitable for long-term storage and aging.

    Keep your tea away from sunlight and strong smells, and somewhere with stable climate conditions.

    You can keep it sealed inside the re-usable bag the tea comes in, or another non-porous container.