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Tea Basics Sampler Pack

  • Dip your tongue in.

    Want an easy way to get started? A safe in-road? A painless cult initiation? Try a sample of each of the four main categories of tea we make (white, black, raw puer, and ripe puer) in one easy package deal.

    This pack contains the following teas:

    5 x 'Electroflowercandy' white tea balls

    5 x 'KUURAMINE®' raw puer tea balls

    5 x 'KUURACola' ripe puer tea coins

    5 x 'Go-Juice' black tea coins

    Each is in either a single-serve coin or ball format (approximately 7g of tea each serve), making them easy to brew directly in a pot, gaiwan, or mug. In total, the pack contains roughly 140g of tea.

    The pack includes printed brewing instructions and information to get your tea exploration underway.

    Pictures by Pingle Pictures.