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Much requested to return after last year, 'Faceful of Flowers' is a unique production of dancong oolong tea from Guangdong. Rather than fitting neatly into a particular category, this tea comes from a quirky, meticulous producer who considers it more their personal style of making tea, and staunchly refuses to give up specific secrets of varietals and processing. The tea has light oxidation, and was charcoal roasted, then rested before release so that no roast taste remains.

This tea is obnoxiously fragrant, with plenty of sweet floral and fruity notes that stick around a long time. The initial perfume leads into a thick and flavoursome liquor, with plenty of endurance, a strong aftertaste, and lots of sweetness. One of our personal favourites.

Each purchase is for 25g of loose tea in a resealable bag.

Limited production.