KUURACORP Ripe Pu-Erh Tea cake with cup and glass pitcher

We live and work in-between Yunnan and Birrarung-ga.

We produce puer and other Chinese teas for drinking, collecting, and long-term ageing.

RAW + RIPE PU-ERH • 普洱茶「生+熟」• WHITE TEA • 白茶 • BLACK TEA •  红茶 • TEAWARE • 茶具 •

We find, secure, blend, press, and deliver our own productions, direct from the source. Discover our approach.

Liquid audio for your tea session

  1. Music To Drink Tea To - 009 - Morten HD

    Straight from Norway to your teapot; pressed in 2020 and incidentally aged for your enjoyment now.
  2. Music To Drink Tea To - 008 - Salllvage

    Fresh juice to get your squiggly pink re-hydrated from Wangal Country maestro Salllvage.
  3. Music To Drink Tea To - 007 - Citrus+

    This is your brain on tea. From Naarm local and mysterious gushu hunter.