Covid Update - Current Info

Some important/useful info:

1. We are still shipping everything as normal! 

2. ...but there are some decent shipping delays. There's a lot less domestic and international flights, so normal shipping times are out the window. Rest assured, things will still arrive eventually, and if you get lucky might arrive in a normal time frame. But at the moment its not unusual for things to take 50-200% longer to arrive. Tracking is also not reliable at the moment; some packages are arriving before tracking says they have even left the country. If you live in Melbourne, it might be easier and quicker for you to come and pickup your package directly if not inconvenient. We've added this option at checkout, and you'll receive details on what to do. See official AusPost updates here.

3. Of course, if you don't receive your package after some time or it's lost, we will send it again for you. But rest assured, things should arrive eventually.

4. The store is completely closed, and we have moved out. There was no point paying rent for however many months things are going to be disrupted. We were already outgrowing the space, and had been looking to move anyway, so stay tuned for KUURA version 2.0 down the line somewhere, bigger and better and different. 

5. We're slowly working on all kinds of different things, some to drink, some to buy, others for free. Stay tuned.

6. Thanks again to everyone continuing to support us, it means a lot! It brings me a lot of happiness and satisfaction to see and hear from people drinking my tea everyday and helping them get through.


Peace and love.



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