'Quantitative Unease' - Pay What You Want Information

For this new tea, we decided to do a 'Pay What You Want' deal. The minimum price is $1, with a limit of 5 cakes (1 tong) per customer.

The way we had to implement this on the site is a little janky. It mostly works ok, but there is some bugs here and there. Here's what you can do to ensure it goes through properly for both of our sakes.

1. Add the product to cart from the product page, not via the quick 'add to cart button' on the home page.

2. There will be 2 different products in your cart. One of them is the tea listed at $1, and then another line with the product listed for the price you entered and whatever quantity you put in. Please leave both of these items in your cart.

3. Sometimes, the site needs a minute or two to catch up and display the price correctly. If you speed through checkout straight away, it might not work properly. Give it a second, and refresh the page a few times until it displays the correct information.

4. Most payment methods should work, but some people have reported bugs with things like Google or Apple pay not processing correctly. It should be fine if you give it some time to update as stated above.


If you have any issues or need to amend your order, just reach out to us via email or on social media with your order number.

We thank you for your honesty and generosity, and hope you enjoy the tea for whatever price you pay.



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