Music To Drink Tea To - 002 - Louis McCoy (Inner Varnika)

We're elated to present the next instalment in our music mix series, designed to accompany your tea drinking debauchery.

This is a very special entry from Naarm local, Inner Varnika founder, and all-round music legend Louis McCoy. Louis also curates the fantastic mix series, For Home Use Only. (Our favourite, if you need one to start with, is #30).

3 plus hours of saucy, soulful, trippy tracks. Load up a pot of your strongest shengcha and go somewhere special.

From the maestro themselves:

"I've been subconsciously compiling this mix for years now, but it's made a lot more sense during the last 6 months. I think it's important to remember to feel something, whether it is pure joy or overwhelming melancholy, I wanted to cover both aspects in this and everything in between. A lot of the music in this mix really means a lot to me, from my mother's jazz influences to my teenage years on a strict diet of emo trip-hop. I wanted to make a soundtrack from literally putting the kettle on first thing on a cold Sunday morning to hopefully take you through to a semi-productive day in the kitchen with someone you love. To be honest, just enjoy it, any way you can."



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