FACET pitchers/cha hai, 180–200 ml

$79.00 AUD

Handmade in Melbourne by local artist Minna Graham, this pitcher (cha hai/gong dao bei, fairness cup) has a black glaze inside and out.

Use as a sharing pitcher to distribute tea amongst many cups, or for solo sessions so you can have more tea ready to drink at once.

Please note: there are multiple pitchers available for this listing. Due to their similarity they are all listed together. Slight variations in glaze and shape will occur, but the listed photos are representative of all of the pitchers.

Capacity: approx. 180–200 ml, depending on specific piece.

Dimensions: 9.5 cm across from back to spout, 7.5 cm tall, 6.5 cm wide at base.

Weight: approx 170–190 g

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