CAST glass tea brewer

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Produced by KINTO Japan, this glass tea pot makes brewing tea easy. The lid has an integrated strainer, and the large capacity (450 ml) makes it perfect for a lazy one or two steep solo session, or for larger group sessions where you might not have a big enough gaiwan or teapot. You can also simply under-fill the teapot to keep high tea to water ratios as in normal gongfu brewing.

Our 8g mini-cakes work exceptionally well in this teapot. Simply pop one in, steep until the colour looks good, pour and drink. Repeat all day.

Designed in conjunction with the CAST glass teacups for a minimal, easy to use tea set that anyone can pick up.

Capacity: 450 ml

Weight: 200 g (empty)

Dimensions: 8 cm across at top rim, 10.5 cm across at base, 14 cm from handle to spout, 9 cm tall.

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