GHOST - white tea

$49.00 AUD

GHOST is a minimally made white tea from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.

The picking style is similar to a Bai Mudan, using buds and two to three older leaves, giving a balanced, complex white tea that is thick, sweet, soft, with a strong floral/botanical aroma. This tea rarely gets tannic or astringent even when pushed with boiling water and for long infusion times, leading to rich, enjoyable sessions. 

This tea is suitable for ageing, and will develop further in flavour and complexity over the years. 

The tea was simply picked and left to wither and dry in the sun, and as per usual comes from a solid growing environment with excellent biodiversity and minimal agricultural intervention. The tea has been tested for EU 440 MRL and passed.


The tea was pressed in November 2017, using material from Spring 2017.

Each cake is 200g. Order in multiples of 5 cakes to receive bamboo-wrapped tongs.


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