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'Psychotropical' is a raw (sheng) puer from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. As is our typical spiel, the material comes plants in good growing conditions, meaning there is high biodiversity, and a non-intervention agricultural approach (aka no pesticides and whatnot). This ain't no industrial plantation rubbish.

The maocha is from spring 2018, aged loose for a year before pressing, making this tea a lot stronger and easier to drink than many of our fresh teas.

Overall this raw puer has quite a fruity, juicy character, with a good amount of sweetness, nice aftertaste, and not-overwhelming bitterness or astringency. Plenty going on, and the compression is nice and loose so that it's easy to break apart with your hands.

The art was a special commission from Melbourne artist Joe Baker, aka Bakedlab.

Fairly limited production for a tea at this price, it won't be around too long. A perfect tea for a beginner or new raw puer drinker, and a great value tea to tong up and drink over the years to come for the more experienced drinker.

Spring 2018 material, 200g cakes, 5 cakes per bamboo wrapped tong.