2013 'HONEY JAR' Aged White Tea
2013 'HONEY JAR' Aged White Tea

2013 'HONEY JAR' Aged White Tea

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'HONEY JAR' is a white tea from Fujian, that has developed some distinct characteristics due to its age.

Compared to fresh white tea, the fragrance of the tea is less bright and floral, and more sweet and 'honeyed' (hence the name). Flavour wise, the tea has a solid sweetness, again, reminiscent of honey, and is thick and unique. We really recommend taking the time to enjoy the smell of the brewed leaves and empty cup or pitcher. 

What more do we need to say? Who doesn't like honey?

We are selling this tea either in larger 360g whole cakes, or by weight in 50g increments.

The tea was produced in 2013 and stored in Guangdong until 2018 when we purchased it. 

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