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Minna Graham Faceted Teacups

From Melbourne based artist Minna Graham, are these angular teacups with a matte black exterior glaze and glossy white internal glaze. The combination of shape, weight, and glaze makes these a joy to drink out of. Despite the unusual appearance, they are very comfortable to hold and sip from.

Minna works out of her home studio in Daylesford, using a large gas kiln, and locally sourced clay and glaze materials.

These are made by slip casting, and each cup varies slightly in size and glaze outcome. The pictures are indicative of the style with small variations to be expected.

Water capacity: Varies between 40 - 80ml depending on specific cup. Please indicate your preference and we will do our best to ensure your cups are within the specified ranges:

  • Small: Below 60ml
  • Large: Above 60ml

For consistency, volumes are measured to the very rim; in normal drinking you would fill the cup slightly below the maximum capacity.

Weight: On average, these cups weigh 50-60g.