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Woodfired hand painted tea cup

On our last trip, we brought back this stunning cup, hand made in Jingdezhen. It is first wood fired, which for a cup this thin is a feat in itself. Many cups would have broken in the kiln. The surviving cups are then painted by hand, with a scene based on the ash deposits that came from the firing. This one features an idyllic scene of some mountains and trees.

After painting, the cup is fired once more in an electric kiln to lock in the glaze. 

This cup is a nice 'egg' shape, and thin enough that it is partially translucent; if you hold a torch to the walls, the light shines through nicely.

Very nice to hold and drink from. We have only the one cup.


Volume: 100ml approx. filled to the rim.

Dimensions: 5.5cm tall, 6cm at widest point.

Weight: 70g