Virus update


I’m sure you’re getting spammed with virus communications from every random company, so I’ll keep this brief; we all know what’s going on.


1. There’s unfortunately no way it makes sense for me to fly to Yunnan for spring tea this year. Travel is too uncertain, and it’s not a sensible move regardless. In fact, it looks like as of time of writing the Australian government is preventing flights out of the country.

2. I am hoping to organise some tea production remotely, but the collection will be lean at best. In the last few years of travelling to Yunnan, I’ve been fortunate to make some kind and reliable friends who I can call upon. It's uncertain exactly what teas I'll be able to get, but I’ll focus on making some affordable raw puer and white teas. I’m also scouring my contacts to find a Honey Jar replacement, because everyone (me most of all!) loves aged white tea. 

3. Online orders will ship as normal unless the postal system shuts down. It’s pretty clear that the global economy is grinding to a halt. While I think it’s nice to have some tea to drink for sanity while quarantined at home, and I do indeed make a living selling tea, please don’t buy anything you don’t need. I am thankful to live somewhere with good healthcare, and I have a few safety nets. It’s going to be a tough few months (or more), but it will be for everyone. The most important thing is to look after yourself, your loved ones, and indeed everybody; we all need attention, care, and kindness. We are all one infected body.

4. Starting Wednesday, I’ll keep the store open for now but with some changed operating conditions. No tastings; tell me what you want at the door, and I’ll package it up for you and away you go. No cash, card only. Likely reduced hours; I’ll see how it goes. Check the website and social media for updates. This will probably be the last week I’ll be open for a little while as things heat up here. The situation is changing day by day.

5. I’m planning to use the extra time at home writing more tea related info and blog posts (in between playing Animal Crossing). Running everything day-to-day the last couple of years has left me with little time and energy to write much, but there’s a fair bit I’d like to say. I’ll focus on trying to build a comprehensive resource to learn about puer tea, to make things easy for those starting out, as well as writing some more casual style thoughts and observations about tea in general. If you have anything you’d like discussed, drop a line!


If you need to chat, have any questions or concerns, you can always drop an email, or send a message on Instagram, or ideally Telegram (no Zuck!).


Stay safe, stay sane, stay kind.



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