Hello! Bleary eyed tea drinkers. It's been about a year since we started this humble project, and it is also that time of year when everyone bombards you with sales. We're no different. Let's celebrate a little bit.

Buy some tea, so that we can spend the money on pressing more cakes of tea, some to age, some to sell, so that we can make money, to press more tea, some to age...

We've got a few different goodies on offer.

  • Free worldwide shipping above $70 AUD  (~$50 USD, ~€45 EUR). All orders within Australia ship free regardless of amount! No discount codes required.
  • Want to stock up on something? How about a 'Tong + 1' deal? Buy any tong (5 cakes) of a tea and we'll throw in an extra cake. Includes every tea. Just purchase any cake in quantities of 5 and we'll take care of the rest. Don't be shy.
  • Spend above $150 and get 25g of free mystery tea from our private stash. It could be maocha, bits of random puer cakes, white tea, black tea, odds and ends. Who knows? All we can say is that it is tea we consider good enough to keep in the private stash for a reason. Includes the free shipping from above.
  • Spend above $500 and get a $30 gift card. plus 25g extra mystery tea. You can use the card for a future order on anything you like, or share it with a friend. Holiday spirit, n' all that. Or just hoard it yourself (we would). No codes necessary. Includes the 25g of free tea from above (50g total) and free shipping anywhere in the world.

The sale ends on Tuesday 27th of November, 12:00PM, AEDT.

Thank you to everyone for the support over the past year. We'll keep doing what we do best; drinking so much tea that we're sure to have a stroke any day now, and making overly minimal wrappers with lots of black that no one understands.

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